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DDA Defenders Dark Alliance

Adventure - ARPG - Multiplayer

Enjoy the Battle, choose your race, class, army, allies and fight the Enemies  of the Dark Alliance.

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DDA Defenders Dark Alliance

Game Mode 

  • Defenders Mode you can choose your race, military class and character, you'll join the battle in a map where you must defend your kingdom and protect your civilians from the attacks of waves of enemies or conquer the enemy's fortress! [Single Player & Multiplayer Options]

  • Battle Mode where you can choose your race, your military class and your character, you'll start the battle alone and fight against 50 enemies! [Single Player & Multiplayer Options]

  • Mission Mode You'll follow the quests through lands and kingdoms, take the role of many characters, in this story mode you'll learn the points of view of the various races while you try to reach the truth! [Only Single Player]

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